Dennis Mahan is now in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and he joined us LIVE on Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone Radio! Listen now!

Dennis is a world class race bike builder/tuner and rider mentor/coach. He has worked with many of America’s great motorcycle racers including Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts, Gary Nixon, Keith Mashburn, Eddie Lawson and others.

In this episode of the show we heard many back stories from the golden age of flat track and road racing in America. We hope you enjoy and share this show with your motorcycling friends. It is important  and enjoyable to know the history of our sport and Dennis is a very important part of racing history.

To listen to the show simply click on this link:

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Talking Motorcycle with Barry Boone is powered by Crosley Radio with special thanks to The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires and Clearwater Lights.


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