The Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight


We could not be more excited about spending quality time behind the windshield of the new touring class motorcycles from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company featuring the all new Milwaukee-Eight powerplant and revised suspension. Over the last three years we have documented many of our two lane and Interstate travels on Harley Davidson’s via this blog and soon we will begin posting new reports from the highways of America.

Our travels occur regardless of road and weather conditions as we simply press on. This time, we will add many new elements to our writing. Our discussions will include reports on the motorcycle with specific observations from the riders seat and passenger seat as well as coverage and recommendations on riding gear and equipment, great roads and highways that we enjoy and various regions across America with unique riding conditions.

Please bookmark and share this blog site with your riding friends regardless of what type or brand of motorcycle they ride. We are all inclusive and own/ride a diverse collection of motorcycles as do you. You are invited to follow our ride reports here and FB/Talking Motorcycles with Barry and FB/Barry Boone. We can be found on Twitter and Instagram as well and will be using all of the above to invite you along for our rides and to enjoy our radio show, Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone!



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