Part II of our three part series on rider financial and physical safety rolls on….

If you heard Part I of our three part series featuring Chuck  Koro of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys you will really enjoy Part II. In Part I we learned much from Chuck about what to do and not to do when we go down. Chuck was very informative and entertaining even though the topic is crashing our motorcycle.

Part II featured Nick Ientasch and Scott Russell discussing how not to crash our motorcycles. Both of these guys know a thing or two about riding/racing and training us all to ride safer, smoother and smarter!

YCRS1 YCRS2 YCRS3ScottRussell

We hope you are enjoying this three part series. Be sure to catch up on Part I and Part II and get ready for Part III starring Brandon Parrish of RiderSurance discussing motorcycle insurance in a way you have never heard it before.

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