Daniel Boone’s nephew attends a HOG gathering in Kentucky…


The Crosley Brands 150 ARCA race at Kentucky Speedway was postponed from it’s scheduled Friday night running until the following day on Saturday at 1:00pm. When Colette and I packed up to depart from the LeMastus home in Prospect, Kentucky to ride to the track, we knew we would be heading South towards Daytona when the race ended.

Cloudy skies and cooler conditions prevailed when we saddled up on the CVO Road Glide Ultra to ride home. It was almost 4 pm and we had no destination planned for the evening. We simply set the Satellite Navigation for Daytona Beach, chose Prime Country on the Sirius radio on the Boom! Audio! Infotainment system, locked in the cruise control at 75 mph and enjoyed light traffic on I-64 East. As we passed by Frankfort, Kentucky (State Capital) I thought of my Uncle Daniel who is buried on the hillside overlooking the Senate building. At 33 years old, he arrived in Kentucky in 1767 and began exploring, mapping and surveying the uncharted land of Kaintuck territory. He and my Grandfather began trapping furs and trading them to a couple of Indian tribes for their handmade leather goods. Pretty cool dude.

Traffic picked up near Lexington, Kentucky when we went South on I-75. As we approached the Berea, Kentucky exit I saw the sign for the historic Boone Tavern and Hotel. We were chatting on the intercom about when we would put in for the night. It had been a big day at the track and we had traveled about 120 miles over the last 1.5 hours. As it was now almost 6 pm a hot shower, good meal and a glass of red wine sounded very appealing. Our energy was strong and a couple of more hours would have been just fine but a side trip to see the Boone Tavern was in order before we continued down the road for another hour or so. As we pulled up in front of the beautiful white building I asked Colette to get a picture of me and the Harley in front of the building named in honor of Daniel.


Boone Tavern circa 1909

We walked into the lobby to find a stunning piece of architecture that was built in 1909 and restored in 2009. Ironically, that was my first year to announce AMA Pro Flat Track with Scottie Duebler. The candles were burning on the tables in the dining room made for an inviting invitation to dinner. I purchased a room right then. Sold. $90 plus tax appeared to be a bargain though I had hoped to receive a family discount. The brass key and brass key fob were period correct and perhaps original to the building. It was time to bring the Harley around from the front of the building to the parking area. The Road Glide was going to have an early night too. When I turned into the parking lot there were 20 or more Electra Glides, Road Glides, Street Glides and other variants of the legendary FLH/FLT models. There was one spot open and I backed the Road Glide into it. Perfect.

BooneTavern1 BooneTavern2

The white Ultra in the foreground has almost 200,000 miles, looked and ran like new. The engine has never been apart. American engineering at it’s finest.

 There was much to like about our situation. My last name is Boone, we are in early for the night at the Boone Tavern, showered and the Harley is secure with the other HD’s in the parking lot. As we headed down the hall to the spiraling stairwell to dinner we encountered a room full of motorcyclists laughing and having fun. It was the Music City HOG Chapter 4938 folks who had taken a “Mystery Ride” that Saturday to the Boone Tavern in Berea, Kentucky! Gary Bagwell recognized us as riders and was the first person we were to meet this evening. Gary was “ride captain” for the Nashville, Tennessee based HOG Club. He had lied to them at every gas stop and coffee break about their destination for the night. They all thought they were staying in primitive cabins located on a dirt road somewhere.

BooneTavern3 BooneTavern4

Part of the riders at Boone Tavern who are members of the Music City HOG Chapter 4938.

We had a great time visiting with good people. After dinner Colette and I sat on the beautiful veranda and enjoyed our second glass of wine. This is what touring is all about.

We were up early for coffee and had a chance to meet some of the riders who were leaving early for home. Obviously there was much conversation in the parking lot. Talking motorcycles again! That is why we named our radio show “Talking Motorcycles”.


Carl and Debbie Moore riding their 2016 Road Glide for the first time. He was parked next to our 2015 CVO Road Glide Ultra. We discussed the similarities and differences. The ladies compared notes on the spacious and comfortable passenger pillion as well as the Boom! Audio! system. Colette loves that she can set the volumes in her headset on each of the functions at her own levels. 


Colette and I with road captain Gary Bagwell and his lovely wife. Gary works with two or three additional HOG groups on special  features for their fun events. We talked about our mutual friend, Kris Schoonover, with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Following breakfast we fired up the HD. We had 717 miles of Interstate to ride according to the Sat Nav. We were looking forward to every one of them. There is something magical about the last day of a motorcycle tour.




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