Daytona to Kentucky Part III

There is no way to describe motorcycle touring completely. Ride, sleep and repeat is the simple version but it is far more involved than that in actuality. Each new day presents new adventure. When you are on the road the weather is always a factor and that is when great gear makes all the difference in your comfort. For me, the hands are one of the critical connections to the motorcycle. Throttle control/traction, the all important front braking and effective use of the clutch are really just part of the story. Obviously the seat and floorboards/footpegs are vitally important for the total feel of the motorcycle as well but the hands are most important in many situations. They assist in delivering the message of what the all important front tire is doing especially in the twisties. None of us like to discuss crashing. No one plans to crash. I’ve long believed that we should leave the garage in what we would most like to be wearing when we hit the pavement. The newest edition to my riding gear is a set of Mickey gloves from RacerglovesUSA. They are designed for Supermoto/Sportbike/Adventure touring. The protective qualities are almost road race quality but in a shorty glove configuration as opposed to a long gauntlet.

FullSizeRender - Copy (5)

My go-to glove is the Mickey

When I wrote last we had arrived at the home of Bo LeMastus of Crosley Brands/Crosley Radio. Bo’s house is built on a bluff of a rock quarry. It is a beautiful home in Prospect, Kentucky situated about 20 minutes from downtown Louisville. The area has many horse farms and offers spectacular motorcycle riding. Our accommodations were amazing. We were treated to the entire bottom floor which is actually a walk out basement. This was the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful rock walls upon which all of the homes are built. The water in the quarry is over 80 feet deep.


One of the highlights of our stay at the LeMastus house was the chance to spend quality time with Geoff Bodine and his lovely wife Lori. Geoff has the distinction of winning the Daytona 500 and also of having one of the most horrific wrecks in the history of Daytona International Speedway. His many years of experience driving a race car are called in to play as he is somewhat of a driver coach for Bo. For the four days we were there, both at the house and at Kentucky Speedway with the team, Geoff was a total team player. We took time out to wash the Tesla that was to be on display at Kentucky Speedway as part of the Crosley fan interface. Crosley was sponsoring the ARCA event at Kentucky.

Owensboro17 Owensboro23

The Tesla getting our full attention prior to being displayed at the Crosley booth at Kentucky Speedway.


Geoff and myself atop the Crosley race hauler during practice.

The Crosley Brands 150 at Kentucky Speedway was a very interesting race. The Crosley team had a brand new race car to dial in and it was all hands on deck. From the start of practice to final race trim the team, led by crew chief, Danny Glad, had steadily improved its speed and feel for Bo. We qualified 19th out of a field of 34. Danny Glad has accomplished much in his illustrious career. He is a very soft spoken man who inspires his team to keep digging. Post qualifying he told Bo that the car was going to be a much better race car than it appeared in qualifying. He was correct. Turn 1 on lap 1 Bo took a hard shot in the drivers door from another competitor that could have easily taken both of them out. Bo kept his head down and continued to lay down good consistent lap times and moving steadily up through the field. Despite the fact that he lost the clutch on the car, he and the team were able to complete their four tire stop and get the 42 car back out in competition where Bo would finally finish 9th. Another solid top 10 finish for the driver who is in his first full season driving full bodies stock cars in the ARCA series.


Bo LeMastus…100% positive attitude 100% of the time. 


L-R   Discussing the racing line with Bo. The legendary Danny Glad. Danny and Bo discussing the race post-qualifying. RK looking on. Accounting is in the house!

Watching the team work through the challenges of setting up a new car for the 1.5 mile tri-oval was a reminder of when I raced stock cars. The entire experience of being at the track and feeling like a part of the Crosley team was very rewarding to say the least. There are many moving parts to a race team. I now believe that a big part of the Crosley Brands success story is Bo’s ability to recognize talented individuals and empower them to do their job. The nucleus of the race team is Bo LeMastus, Danny Glad and Geoff Bodine.

I’m looking forward to writing about our ride home to Daytona Beach. The distance is only about 900 miles from Daytona to Kentucky but we managed to make the trip up to Kentucky about 1100 miles and I suspect that on the trip home we will take the long way. Adventure awaits. I promise to talk about riding more in Part III.



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