Daytona Beach to Kentucky Part II

Time to ride. Our plan b is to ride to Kentucky. The Thursday 8am departure we set for ourselves had arrived. The thing is…so did the rain. My friend, Van Singley, had invited us to ride with him to his original hometown of Selma, Alabama for a quick overnight visit with his parents. More about them in a few. Van has a fairly extensive stable of motorcycles to choose from. This morning he chose his 1984 BMW R100RT White “Last Edition”.


Van Singley and his 1984 BMW R100RT Last Edition

It wasn’t actually the last edition as BMW caved to market demands and brought the machine back in ’86 with the new single shock swingarm. It was a great choice to ride that bike as the first 100 miles were in a hard to paint peeling hard. Colette and I were jazzed to ride the new CVO Road Glide Ultra. This would be our first of many outings on this amazing machine. If a person is going to tour, rain is going to happen. We suited up in our day-glo Olympia vented jackets with the rain liner installed, Bull-it Jean featuring Covec and advertised as “rain resistant”, we thought we would give them a try. Of course in our saddlebags were a full set of Harley-Davidson rain gear for us both so we had a plan b. As it turned out, with the excellent aerodynamics of the CVO Road Glide Ultra combined with what proved to be almost waterproof pants we were good.


Our two lane ride from Daytona Beach to Selma. Alabama was a 500 mile day. The first 100 were definitely wet but it was warm and we actually enjoyed it. The HD was already proving to be a very roadworthy companion and it was fun getting to know the features of the Infotainment system and familiarizing myself with the handling characteristics of the Road Glide with it’s frame mounted fairing. So many improvements were immediately evident but we will discuss those in a soon to be written Part II continuation of our evaluation of the CVO Road Glide Ultra that we began last week.

The two lane trip to Selma was seriously great. We were both enjoying the Road Glide so much. Van’s R100RT was running excellent and sounding fantastic when we were close enough to enjoy the sound of the flat twin. Van’s parents are soon to celebrate 69 years of marriage. Lewis and Kitty live in a beautiful two story home on 12 acres of extremely well manicured property that 90 year old Lewis mows twice a week all summer long. They prepared a delicious home cooked meal and during dinner took our orders for our breakfast they would prepare when we awoke. Kitty is 88 years young and involved in her church and the community plus works full time keeping Lewis in line. Their arrangement works nicely. We should all be so fortunate. Southern Lady and Southern Gentleman describe these two. Kind, gracious and extremely funny would also be descriptive.


(L to R) Van Singley, Kitty Singley, Lewis Singley, Yours Truly

The following morning Colette and I would part ways with Van. He was off on other adventures and we would be two laning almost due North for 419 miles of two lane rural highways to visit my Sister and Brother-in-law in Owensboro, Kentucky. Well…Stanley, Ky would be more exact. They live in the house they built over 40 years ago. It has grown and been updated many times to what it is today. They are working on 50 years of marriage. Is there a theme here? We departed Selma about 9am following an amazing breakfast complete with grits, eggs, bacon, and all the trimmings. At 6pm we rolled in the driveway for a quick two nights visit with my family. It had been almost two years since I had seen many of my family. We found everyone well and enjoyed our two days in the Kentucky countryside with great food, wine and the warm company of family. We arrive Friday early evening and would be there until Monday morning. Sunday afternoon we took time out for a ride in the Honda side by side through the river bottoms. We returned dusty and dirty but had massive smiles!


Governed at 50 mph but was super fun sliding around in the silt like sandy river bottoms!


My sister Sharon Rone with Cloe, Ely and Brodey. Beautiful yorkies and amazing sister

The time in Stanley was too short. Monday morning we headed out for a visit with Bo LeMastus of Crosley Radio/Crosley Brands in Louisville, Kentucky. We had a quick visit with one of my old band mates. Bob Gwin was our bass player in Time Express band many years ago. He will be retiring this January after building one of the largest law firms in the State of Kentucky. I’m not sure where time goes but I do know that now is the time to ride and do all the things you want to do. The clock is spinning faster than a Harley-Davidson crankshaft.

Upon arrival at the LeMastus home, Bo insisted we stay at his place. He is an ARCA Series regular in his first year driving full bodied stock cars full time. This in addition to running the company that outsells all turntable manufactures worldwide! Crosley began in the 20’s and achieved much success selling quality radios at affordable prices. Bo has taken that company to an entirely different level in over 30 years at the helm. After settling in our bottom floor sweet we took a short ride from Bo’s house in Prospect, Kentucky to downtown Louisville for a visit to the Crosley shop. There we were met by Jeffrey Parrish. He escorted us through the facility teaching and informing along the way as to the full scope of Crosley products including lawn furniture, radios, turn tables and more.


Great visit with Jeffrey Parrish of Crosley Radio/Crosley Brands. The vintage and modern vintage radios were truly amazing!


Modern vintage Crosley products. on display. 

Upon arrival we were met by Geoff Bodine and his lovely wife Lori. Geoff has the distinction of winning the Daytona 500 and having one of the most violent wrecks in Daytona International Speedway history. The stay at Bo’s house, attending the Crosley Brands ARCA 150 at Kentucky Speedway is going to be serious fun. I’m aware this is to be a motorcycle specific blog, at least that was my intention, but this trip is larger than simply a ride. The fun thing is we still have the race to attend and the ride home to Daytona Beach yet to come.

This morning I gave the CVO Road Glide a good look. Tire pressures checked, oil level checked and a good windshield cleaning was in order. It is looking more like a road dog than a Road Glide but I’m fond of saying “A dirty bike is a happy bike!”

Talk soon!

Thank you to SOZO, Crosley Radio/Crosley Brands, The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, and as well as Bull-It Jeans, Racerglovesusa and Bell Helmets for the support they continue to provide to Colette and I.

Happy trails till next time!



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