Talking Motorcycles is wishing everyone a most Happy Thanksgiving1

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of family time, Talking Motorcycles will not have a radio show this Wednesday evening. We are wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
One of the primary ways to ensure happiness is to have an “attitude of gratitude”. In this country we are blessed beyond measure with abundance. Don Henly wrote a lyric in one of his songs that I have always appreciated. The line that has always meant so much to me is “To want what we have and take what we are given with grace”.
Talking Motorcycles had it’s humble beginnings the first week of January 2014. Our growth trend has been encouraging and heartwarming. To discover that talking about motorcycles with the people who ride and race them is of interest to such a wide ranging group of enthusiast gives us the motivation to continue to move forward.
This Thanksgiving we are grateful to our sponsors who continue to provide funding and support for the show. We are grateful to our guests who freely give of their time to be on the air with us. Most importantly we are grateful to all of you who listen to the program and offer your suggestions and comments in support. That is what fuels us to work hard to find guests that you have an interest in hearing from.
America is the land of opportunity. Regardless of where we are in our lives, that idea provides hope and comfort that with each day we have a new opportunity to accomplish anything we set our minds to accompish. I’m grateful today for the men and women who serve and have served in the United States military. I am grateful for their sacrifice that protects our lives, our property and and the freedoms afforded us by our Constitution.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and we are looking forward to moving forward next week following the holiday.

Barry Boone


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