Talking Motorcycles does the Big Easy

Two laning across America is the way to do it if time allows. We have only been on an Interstate perhaps 100 miles since Vegas. The decision to remain on two lanes has been made daily as the lure of high speed travel always calls our name but when we occasionally get out there on the slab we are once again reminded that to enjoy the flavor of a location you simply must slow down and enjoy the process so back to the two lanes we go.

The two lane from Beaumont Texas to New Orleans was great. The HD simply idles along at 60 to 70 miles per hour and produces so much torque that a slight twist of the grip is all that any situation requires. As we approached New Orleans it was almost dark and time for some great Cajun cooking.

boudrouxBudreau & Thibodeau’s was just the spot!

Located in the swamp land just a few miles West of The Big Easy was this fine establishment. Heavy on the accent and heavy on the spices our New Orleans adventure was underway! One of the great things about two laning is the chance to hear the accents, taste the foods and meet the diverse group of peoples that makes America special. From the Indian culture and cowboys of the West in Texas to the Cajun folks we have met in New Orleans this is fast becoming a two wheel adventure to never forget.

When we arrived in New Orleans and checked in to the Westin (gotta love we were ready to head to Bourbon Street and then it hit us…it’s Halloween! A powerful cold front arrived just before we did making the ride in to New Orleans very interesting as the traffic was as crazy as the 20 to 40 mph wind gusting like crazy on the few miles of Interstate. Again, the CVO Ultra Limited answered the call. I digress. So being that it is Halloween and cold we donned our best costumes…motorcycle gear! We would be motorcyclists on Bourbon Street on Halloween. It was a fun and crazy first night in NOLA for us!

FullSizeRenderEven in 40 degree temps and big wind chill, for many it was barely legal clothing optional on Brourbon Street. Colette and I opted for clothing!

We ended our evening with some great jazz performed by a female jazz singer at a little bar called The Bourbon Bar. It was an oasis from the craziness just outside our window at the bar. A glass of red combined with sweetly sung jazz and blues was what the doctor ordered on our first of two nights in The Big Easy. We spent a little time over a glass of Cab planning what we would do on our day off tomorrow. We had a plan.

bourbon barA little “selfie” action just outside our favorite watering hole on Bourbon Street. The Bourbon Bar!

It was a fairly early start to Cafe DuMonde on the river in the heart of the French Quarter for Beignets and Cafe Aulait in mass quantities and it did not disappoint. Following breakfast it was off to tour Royal Street and its beautiful two story homes and shops all complete with varandas embellished with wrought iron and flowering plants. The French Quarter was designed by the French military and the homes and shops were built by the French people. It is breathtaking. We walked for hours and again our motorcycle gear served as a shield against the cold wind. A street car not named desire was our transportation to the Garden District and its many fabulous homes. That area is a must see if you are in New Orleans. We planned to end our day back on Bourbon Street. We had a delicious cajun meal and again moved down the street to the Bourbon Bar for a couple of sets with Johnny Angel performing on stage and a couple of glasses of red. On the walk back to the hotel we decided that Colette should loose some of our money at the Harrah’s Casino. That was easy…

As I write this we are enjoying some Starbucks in the room and getting set to ride. It will be time to don the Harley Davidson full sleeve electric powered liners under our jacket today and head East along highway 90 once again. We will skirt the Gulf Coast today and two lane it towards Port St. Joe or somewhere thereabout. 350 two lane miles will have us an easy 300 miles from home in Daytona Beach tomorrow! The adventure continues!



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