Hanging in San Antonio

Yesterday we rode from Alpine, Texas to San Antonio, Texas. Our route was Highway 90. The two lane meanders along the Southern border of Texas with Mexico. It was cold when we left Alpine and our gear worked perfectly. We brought the Harley-Davidson by Gerbing full sleeve electric liners. We have not needed them on this trip until yesterday. For only about 100 miles they provided the warmth we needed even without plugging them in. The seat heaters on the CVO Ultra Limited work beautifully. Combined with the heated grips they warmth they provide is amazing.

Some have asked about our riding gear for this trip. In short, we are definitely prepared for anything from the 90’s down perhaps 20 to 25 degrees F. Most days it has been jeans with riding boots, a t-shirt and the Firstgear jackets. Colette wears the Kilimanjaro and mine is the Kathmandu. They are very similar and share some features that simply work. The outer shells are waterproof and have ample venting. Of course, when the temps get above 90 it is still hot! When the mercury dips down to cool or cold temps we simply close all the venting and they are very warm. Again, if needed we have the electrics with thermostats that provide heat to the bodies core. When you keep your core temp up to normal fingers and toes retain blood flow. For those who have never used electric heated gear I can only say that it is magical in the cold. We have riding overpants as well. Mine are Harley-Davidson FXRG waterproof leather overpants. Colette is wearing Firstgear HT textile overpants. Both will provide about as much warmth as needed while being completely waterproof. Under those we wear bicycle shorts or winter full length bicycle pants. We are using Bell Star helmets from Motorcycle-Superstore.com. Mine is a Star Carbon and Colettes is the standard Star. The ones we are using have the special paint scheme that is reserved for their sponsored racers. Roland Sands consulted on the paint and it is amazing. Obviously we have various gloves on board to handle whatever the temperature demands.

Today we are going to visit the San Antonio Harley-Davidson dealership, the Alamo and some other local attractions then enjoy dinner on the Riverwalk. Tomorrow morning we will climb aboard the Ultra with the Sat Nav set on New Orleans! Great food awaits!

The Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone radio show is all set for tonight at 8pm Eastern. It will feature a live interview with Dana Brown. He is the producer of the new movie “On any Sunday…The Next Chapter”. Very excited to talk with Dana about his new film set to release November 7th nationwide!

Feel free to listen live or anytime in the future via the archives. Your direct link to the show is:


the bridge



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