Talking Motorcycles riding adventure picks up where it left off!

Yesterday was a flight to Vegas from Daytona Beach with Colette. We arrived at 4pm at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson to the brand new store. It has been open for less than a month in the new location on S. Las Vegas Blvd. Bob, our service adviser, had seen to everything on my short list. They installed the new Dunlops, changed the fluids, adjusted the headlamps, performed a simple recall on the clutch master cylinder and gave the CVO Ultra Limited a great clean up. It is a pleasure working with people like Bob at the LVHD dealership. He thoroughly understands the HD product, the HD customer and what a traveling rider needs in a dealership. He is a class act. The store if very industrial and all shiny new. As nice as the facility is I am reminded that one employee who interfaces with a consumer becomes the dealership. If you are in the area I highly recommend a visit and if service is needed, rest assured, your motorcycle is in very good hands!

Last night we met up with Colette’s brother, Greg,  from Pittsburgh. He flew in to Albuquerque, rented a new Ultra Classic Rushmore via Eaglerider, and rode to Vegas to meet up with us. We booked a room late in the afternoon at South Pointe on South Las Vegas Blvd. It was amazing. Home of the PBR World Finals. There were bull riding cowgirls and cowboys everywhere at the massive facility and the HD’s looked totally proper in the covered parking garage. A few hours in the casino and a great dinner with a glass or two of red wine and it was time to hit the hay. Well…it is a Western term right?

This morning with Greg as our ride captain we departed Vegas and made a 300 mile ride to Kanab, Utah. Greg had planned a two lane route through Zion National Park and the mountains, red rocks, massive boulders and valleys proved to be just the place to enjoy a buckload of torque from the 110cu in Rushmore Project CVO. The Screamin’ Eagle mufflers emitted a beautiful exhaust note echoing off the canyon walls. I could have done that for days on end. Oh wait…we are gong to do exactly that for more days. As we approached 6000 feet elevation I began closing the many vents on the Ultra and it warmed us right up. Tomorrow morning when we head out for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the temp will be about 40. The HD (Gerbing) electric jacket liners, heated seats and heated grips will have us laughing at 40 degrees!

Our destination tomorrow is Tuba City, Arizona and that will be about 350 miles or so depending on how many miles we do unplanned. There are simply too many great roads in this region not to get sidetracked. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon awaits.

Tonight the radios how was most excellent and fun to do. Our guest was Chuck Aksland, who managed Team Kenny Roberts for 20+ years and now is one of the folks in charge at MotoAmerica who will own and manage professional road racing in America along with the President, Wayne Rainey, three time world champ. It was an enlightening show even though he was a bit limited in what he could discuss but I’m in hopes the listeners learned more than they knew before we had him on. Here is a link to the internet radio show if you are interested in professional road racing in the USA:

I really appreciate all who are following this blog. The only thing more fun than Talking Motorcycles is riding them! I try to do both as often as possible!


Zion National Park in late afternoon sunshine. The “Daymaker” headlamps at work in one of the amazing tunnels in Zion.Zion6Zion5

The 2014 CVO Ultra Limited has everything any motorcyclists could ever want. Sat Nav, Sat Radio, Electronic Cruise control and the best sounding V-Twin I have ever heard. This morning after coffee and breakfast, Colette, Greg and myself took a moment for a photo inside the parking garage at South Point. Ready to begin the ride to Daytona Beach!

Thanks for following my blog and feel free to share with any of your friends. We, as motorcyclists, are all in this together!



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