Talking Motorcycles Los Angeles to Las Vegas…FansChoice.TV

With the 2014 AMA Pro Grand National Championship and AMA Pro Road Racing season in the rear view mirrors its time to head to Vegas then fly home for a week. Todays ride was amazing. It is less than 300 miles from LA to Vegas. That was simply a straight shot with time to look backwards and contemplate. Every year I think it surely cannot get better next year but it always does. When I get home the landyards and credentials will be hung on the wall with all the others from previous years.

AMA Pro has sold their rights to road racing in America. The three years I spent announcing/broadcasting road racing was fun, entertaining and a real pleasure. Certainly there were some challenging moments but overall the experience was rewarding to say the least. Watching the best road racers in America compete throughout the last three seasons taught me much about professionalism and dedication. MotoAmerica will be leading the charge now. American Superbike racing is filled with a dedicated group of professional team owners, sponsors, riders and most importantly passionate race fans who love it dearly. KRAVE has a tough road ahead building a new series but there are some very capable people in charge of things and some good feelings within the industry. Certainly everyone has an interest in seeing the American scene survive and thrive. One of the things I enjoyed the most was broadcasting the events LIVE on FansChoice.TV. Connecting with the race fans by being live for 8 hours a day was an experience I will never forget. My teammates were the best anyone could ever hope to work with. Danielle Teal is a small human being with a huge heart full of love for road racing. She brought much talent to bear on this sport. Cristy Lee’s career is so busy and promising that it feels like I caught a ride on a meteor for a few miles along the way and it was very cool to work with a person of her caliber. 5 time Daytona 200 winner and World Superbike Champion Scott Russell was the real surprise. Being in the booth with him and gaining his valuable insight into the world of professional road racing will be one of the things I will treasure the most as I look back on this period of my life. He has become a real friend. I truly wish every motorcyclist in America had a chance to get to know Scott on a personal level. What you see on TV is what you get in real life. A fun, passionate and “in the moment” individual who is driven to be the best he can be.

Today’s ride was one of elevation changes. Slow climbs of 3,000 feet elevation then slow decents of 3000 feet elevation. The HD’s 110 cu in powerplant never struggled on the inclines. It just keeps producing bucket loads of torque without breaking a sweat.

This Tuesday October 21st, Colette and I will board a Delta jet in Daytona Beach for Vegas. I must say that the thought of firing that big Harley up and heading across America is sounding really good right now. I think of it as a victory lap across America to celebrate another great year for me. Being able to speak to race fans and motorcycle enthusiasts is a dream come true for me. I’m humbled by it all as I never planned this as a career but a career it has become.

To be continued….



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