Talking Motorcycles Grand National Championship and Awards Ceremony is done

The season is a wrap. It’s over. The 2014 AMA Pro Grand National Championship is now history. Jared Mees won the title as Bryan Smith won the final race, his 5th victory, of 2014. Jared was the champion two years ago and now has retaken the crown and will wear the number 1 plate for 2015.

We had a fun time at the awards ceremony and crowned champions, handed out much hardware and big checks, smiled and had our picture taken then enjoyed a glass of wine to bring the year to a close.

Tomorrow I shall ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to check the HD in at Las Vegas HD for a well baby check up, fluid change and a new set of Dunlop tires. The originals lasted 15,000 miles with ease. They actually had many miles remaining.

I’m flying home to attend a friends wedding and attend the AIM Expo in Orlando then on Tuesday the 21st of October, Colette and I will board a flight in Daytona to Vegas. We are very excited about our cross country adventure on the HD with no time table and no real schedule to deal with. That is a ride that I am looking forward to very much. As time and wireless internet permit, I will be posting up right here the fun and challenging details of the ride home to Daytona Beach.

At the moment Biketoberfest is in full swing in Daytona Beach, 300,000 to 400,000 of our closest motorcycling friends are enjoying the perfect 80 degree days and cool nights. Think I shall do some riding around town, check out all the sights and sounds and start prepping for the trip to Vegas and the start of our ride home that will include the Grand Canyon, San Antonio, Tx as well as New Orleans. This is going to be a fun journey of mostly two lane roads for 2,500 miles.

Now that is starting to sound very inviting. Very grateful to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company for the use of this fine motorcycle. We will definitely be discussing various aspects of that bike on this two up portion of the ride for 2014. Hope you can join us….



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