Talking Motorcycles ride to Los Angeles Day 3-Houston to Ft. Stockton, Texas

Firmly settled in behind the batwing fairing on the Harley-Davidson with the electronic cruise control set on 80mph I had 500 miles of I-10 on my radar today. Leaving the beautiful skyline of downtown Houston behind I’m now focused on headed West. The satellite navigation was programmed for the route ahead, all air vents open to provide cooling and the radio was fired to some classic country and my head is into the ride.

When you get through San Antonio and continue West the Texas Hill Country provides truly beautiful scenery. As I roll through the Hill Country the wind begins to build. It’s a quartering wind blowing in from riders front left side. The aerodynamics of the HD never ceases to amazing me. Big quartering headwind and dirty air off the semi trucks definitely challenges any rider but the Harley makes the job easy and fun. The new frame has the unique combination of rock solid stability yet a fingertip touch is all that is required to keep it pointed where you want it to go.

Todays 500 mile ride was definitely time sensitive. I had a date with my radio show “Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone” at 8pm Eastern. Bryan Smith and Jared Mees are involved in a heads up battle for the Grand National Championship and Jake Johnson could be the spoiler in third. Both joined us on the show and gave their thoughts headed in to the final race of 2014. The legendary Gene Romero is the Grand Marshal this weekend and he called in to the show as well. If you would like to listen feel free to click on this link”

Tomorrow’s destination will be Tucson, Arizona. No radio show tomorrow night. The only deadline is a date with the washer and dryer as it  is time to get some clean clothing lined up!

Thanks for keeping up with our blog and feel free to share with your motorcycling friends.






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