Daytona to Los Angeles Day 2 10/07/2014

Today was a fine day on the HD. 90 degrees and humid but the aeroflow is incredible on that bike. The adjustable wind deflectors on the batwing combined with the new adjustable vents in the fairing lowers were worth their weight in gold today. It helps that the windshield is at the perfect height for looking over without requiring any mods. The new Rushmore treatment was amazingly invisible on the CVO Limited today. In spite of the heat and humidity and occasional slow going in heavy traffic the bike remained cool calm and collected. The best part is you can hardly find the radiators if you look. HD is on a roll.

This was a 660 mile day from Defuniak, Florida to the Hyatt in downtown Houston. Tomorrow is a 500 mile day to Fort Stockton then I must get checked in to a hotel with WIFI because we have a really important radio show tomorrow night at 8pm Eastern. Talking Motorcycles will be hosting the heavy hitters of Grand National flat track that will be battling it out to the finish this Saturday at the Pomona Flat Track Finals near Los Angeles. Thats actually the reason I am making this trip. Makes perfect sense to me. Ride 3000 miles to announce a one day race then ride 3000 miles home. Perfect. Actually it is a little more involved this year. Saturday is the race then Sunday is the Awards Ceremony. That dirt track crew clean up nicely for such an event and it is fun to hand out the awards with my announcing partner Scottie “Hollywood” Deubler. Monday I head to Las Vegas HD to turn in the bike for a new set of Dunlops and a fluid service. It will have 15,000 miles. Can you believe the original Dunlops are going to make it to 15? Amazing. I’ll be flying home form Vegas to attend the AIM Expo then flying back out on the 21st to continue this journey back to Daytona. It will be a fun two lane serious site seeing tour and I’m looking forward to that as the race season will have drawn to a close.

Of course the Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone internet radio show will be going strong in the off season. Many great shows are already in the planning stages. Several upgrades will be rolled out in the coming weeks as well.

If you would like to listen to tomorrow nights LIVE show with Jared “The Jammer” Mees, Bryan “The Piper” Smith and the legendary Gene Romeo you are invited to join us by clicking on this live link… or by visiting my FB page for a link there.

Till tomorrow night…



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